Tips for Choosing the Right Truck Specs That Every Dump Truck Driver Should Know

May 3, 2018

If you’re a dump truck driver, you know that there are plenty of different dump trucks out there for plenty of different needs.  Whether you’re buying new or used dump trucks, choosing the right dump truck for your own job roles is essential.

When we’re working with a dump truck driver to help them find the right truck, here are some of the aspects we focus on.

Vital Truck Specs That Dump Truck Drivers Need to Know Before Buying

1. Overall maximum weight when loaded

Knowing the maximum weight your truck can haul is important when taking jobs but being aware of its total weight is more important.  State laws regarding allowable dump trucks weights can vary wildly, as will regulations on associated issues such as the use of lift axles.  It’s vital to know your max weight and the laws in nearby states, to be sure you can operate it anywhere you need to go.

2. Chassis impact capacity

One aspect of dump truck specs that often goes overlooked is the maximum impact force the chassis can take without damage.  This is different from maximum weight!  A load of sand being poured into the bed may be heavy, but it puts very little stress on the frame.  On the other hand, if you’re hauling large heavy demolitions debris, each piece dropping into the bed will impact with a huge amount of force.  We’ve seen dump trucks buckle because their operator failed to consider this.

3. Suspension rating

Will you be doing most of your driving on-road, or off-road?  This will determine what sort of suspension and shocks you pick.  Lighter suspension saves money on the highway but may not be up for heavy-duty work off-road or at the bottom of a gravel pit.  Choose wisely based on the jobs you expect to take.

4. Horsepower

A common misconception is that the right amount of power for a dump truck is “as much as possible.”  It’s not, and that’s just going to drive up your fuel costs as well as increasing your unloaded weight.  This is another situation where knowing the jobs you’re likely to take, and picking an engine that matches those jobs, will be the better long-term investment.

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