How A Kenworth T880 Dump Truck Can Improve Your Productivity

May 20, 2018

Why should you choose a Kenworth T880 dump truck to add to your fleet?

Well, while we might be biased from spending over thirty years selling Kenworth’s, we honestly agree with their slogan that they are “The World’s Best” trucks.  In our view, no other brand of dump trucks (or any other truck) on the market hits such a great balance between price, performance, comfort, and operating costs.  Their extreme configurability is another big plus, since you can get the perfect Kenworth T880 dump truck for your own needs.

If you’re looking at dump trucks, here are just a few reasons we’d suggest looking into T880s.

4 Big Benefits to Choosing a Kenworth T880 Dump Truck

1 – Solid gas mileage 

A dump truck is never going to be exactly eco-friendly, but Kenworth has long placed a premium on offering better gas mileage than their competitors.  A well-spec’ed T880 can easily top 7MPG while fully loaded, or potentially even more.  It’s all about picking the right truck for your needs, and not getting an engine that’s bigger than necessary.

Speaking of which…

2 – A wide selection of engines

Another great thing about Kenworth T880s is that you have so many customizable options, including your choice of either PACCAR or Cummins engines.  You can get either with a wide range of HP and torque options.  Your Kenworth dealer can help you pick the right engine specs to maximize your fuel efficiency.

3 – A lift axle adds versatility 

Many dump trucks force you to choose between tandem axles and their superior maneuverability, or the extra weight tri-axles can take.  Kenworth T880s let you have both!  A solid, well-engineered lift axle allows you to reconfigure the truck as necessary, depending on the job you’re doing.

4 – Keep your drivers happy with a comfortable ride

Few truck manufacturers go the extra mile on interiors and sleeper cabs like Kenworth.  They recognize that great engineering may be wasted, if the driver is uncomfortable or has difficulty operating the machine.  Kenworth cabs are designed for pure ergonomics. Their sleepers are easily a home-away-from home – potentially cutting down on hotel expenses!

Not convinced?  Test-drive a Kenworth T880 dump truck for yourself by visiting Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth!