Should You Invest in Kenworth Dump Trucks for Sale, or Choose Dump Trailers Instead?

June 26, 2018

If you have a need to haul materials around, or dispose of waste, a dumper of some sort is called for.  But what type should you get?  You could choose to buy one of our Kenworth dump trucks for sale, or you could simply get a dump trailer and attach it to one of your existing semis.

Is it worth investing in a dedicated dumper?  Here’s a brief breakdown of the positives and negatives.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Dump Trucks vs Dump Trailers

  1. Benefits

The biggest single benefit to standalone dump trucks is their maneuverability.  They are significantly smaller than a full rig + trailer, which makes them a much better choice for tight construction zones – such as those in residential areas.  In addition, they will generally have better off-road performance compared to a trailer if you need to head into dirt and mud.

That maneuverability also translates into increased flexibility in deployment and usage.  You may find that you have more uses for your dedicated dump truck than you thought!

Finally, dump trucks are easier to finance.  Many lenders are hesitant to back purchases of add-ons, such as trailers, which can make procurement difficult in some situations.

  1. Drawbacks

The big drawback to dedicated dump trucks is the price.  If you already have an existing big rig, you can add a dump trailer to it for a lot less money.

Another issue is capacity.  In general, a dump trailer will be able to hold and haul more material than a dedicated dumper.  Of course, that also depends in large part on the size and power of your existing rigs.  Do you already own a truck capable of pulling a fully-loaded dump trailer?

Finally, in some cases, a dump trailer can be easier to store.  Since it’s detachable, it can often be left at work sites when the day is done, leaving you with a much smaller rig-to-housetrip.

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