Why Invest In Tri Axle Dump Trucks for Sale

By clk-admin on October 23, 2017 Tri-Axle Dump Trucks


Dump trucks are one of the true workhorses of the modern working vehicle fleet.  They’re extremely multipurpose, and can be used in a wide variety of roles – including hauling materials, paid deliveries, and waste removal from demolitions or excavation sites.  Furthermore, being able to choose between so many different dump truck configurations potentially expands their utility value, depending on the version chosen.

So if you’re looking to invest in dump trucks what are the best options?  While there are pros and cons to every dumper variation, we would say the best all-around choice would be tri axel dump trucks.  While there’s no perfect dumper for every occasion, an investment into tri axle dump trucks for sale will almost certainly pay off.

Three Reasons to Buy Tri Axle Dump Trucks For Sale From Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

  1. Superior maneuverability

It’s true that tri axles may not be able to haul as much material as dumpers with four or more working axles, but there’s a major tradeoff there:  Dump trucks start losing maneuverability fast as axles get added.  If you’re anticipating sending your dumpers into construction sites, excavation digs, tight storage yards, or anywhere else where maneuverability is limited, a tri axle is going to be the best choice.  It can get in and out of spaces a quad-axle couldn’t even think about tackling.

  1. Lift axles add versatility

Most tri axle dump trucks aren’t strictly three-axle designs.  The majority include a fourth unpowered “lift” axle, which is on hydraulic pumps and can be raised\lowered as needed.  Utilizing this fourth axle can substantially increase the legal carrying capacity of the dump truck, but without cutting significantly into its maneuverability.

Just be aware that different states have different laws regarding the use of lift axles on the road.  Some research will be needed if you’re taking your dump truck interstate.

  1. Excellent in-state use

Generally, if you’re going to go interstate, you’ll want a quad axle dump truck anyway.  However, in our experience, that’s relatively rare for dump trucks.  The majority is used mostly for in-state work, and that means tri axles are the best choice.  They’re relatively lightweight, have good cargo capacity, and can run around the state without any need to add a sleeper cab.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Has both New and Used Tri Axle Dump Trucks for Sale 

As one of the top truck dealers in the northeast, we usually have dozens of dump trucks available in a variety of configurations, both new and used.  No matter your budget and needs, we can put you in a great dump truck.  Come visit us to explore our selection for yourself!