Kenworth Trucks for Sale – 40” Sleepers – the Perfect Compromise Between Comfort and Efficiency

By John Pospischil on May 16, 2016 trucks for sale

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Sleeper cabs are a virtual necessity for long-haul jobs, giving your drivers a “home away from home,” allowing them to keep road costs to a minimum while still ensuring they get all the rest necessary to drive safely while conforming to regulations.

However, it’s no secret sleepers add significantly to the size, bulk, and overall weight of a vehicle.  Full-sized sleeper cabs can cut into your load profits, and potentially even create navigational challenges for drivers in areas with low-clearance bridges.  That’s why when Kenworth announced the development of 40″ sleepers last year, there was immediate interest throughout the trucking industry.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is pleased to announce that the new 40″ sleeper cabs are here, and available for both the Kenworth T680 and T880 models!  We have a full range of Kenworth trucks for sale, now including this great option in a sleeper cab.

The 40-Inch Sleeper: Balancing Comfort and Efficiency

The 40″ Kenworth sleeper features 22 cubic feet of storage space in a compact package.  In fact, it’s actually six inches lower than their 38″ sleeper! The feature allows it to be compatible with a wide range of loads and configurations, and is perfect for vocational applications such as tow trucks and petroleum hauling.

The 40″ shaves significant weight off as well, being 260 pounds lighter than their 52″ sleeper offering, translating directly into larger payloads and larger paydays.

Inside, drivers get a 24″ x 75″ liftable bunk which can be pivoted 90 degrees to allow extra storage space when not in use.  Drivers also get two shelves, a cell phone cubby, clothing hooks, and tool storage areas.  Optional windows allow for a great view while driving or resting, and the sleeper can also be outfitted with high-quality speakers for additional driving entertainment.  Both Diamond VIT and Vantage interior options are available.

The roof also features mounts suitable for a variety of add-ons, including LED markers lights, horns,  a sun visor, or antennas for cellular, TV, or navigational reception.

Greater Flexibility in Kenworth Trucks for Sale

The addition of this 40″ sleeper gives operations far more flexibility in buying trucks which can meet the comfort and safety needs of their drivers, while adding a true minimum of extra size and weight to the cab.  The 40″ sleeper is perfect for vocational work, but can also be just as easily deployed in long-haul jobs to carry the most possible cargo.

Kenworth once again proves it is “The World’s Best”, and Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth has a full range of Kenworth trucks for sale.  Our decades of service to the New England area combined with our vast range of vehicles on offer make us the perfect choice for expanding your fleet.

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