Daycab Trucks For Sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth: Something for Everyone

December 14, 2015

Swedesboro, NJ – December 2015 – An extensive selection of trucks and daycab trucks for sale is only one appeal of Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in Swedesboro, New Jersey. An experienced staff that is familiar with both new and used trucks is another. Each customer approaches purchasing a daycab truck in a different way, but the bottom line is having a variety trucks that will fit every buyer’s needs.

Daycab Features and Advantages

Daycab trucks are a more simplistic design that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Often easier on the wallet, day cabs are ideal for those who are looking to keep costs down, or are primarily home at the end of the day and don’t have the need for a sleeper truck. Kenworth makes several models of daycabs, including the extremely popular T880, the T680 and the W900. Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth have several new models available, and an inventory of used trucks for sale that includes a variety of both Kenworth and Peterbilt models.

Features of daycabs differ depending on year, model and make, but many will possess a more compact, fuel-efficient design. Comfort is still a driving force in interior finishes, and other great features are available, especially in the newer models. For example, the Kenworth T880 has triple-sealed doors that reduce cabin noise, and available driver performance and connected technologies. Navigation systems, real-time diagnostics and other productive features make driving today’s daycabs a pleasure.

The benefits of daycabs are desirable as well. If a driver doesn’t tend to do overnight stays, the price of a daycab and the occasional motel visit is far more affordable than a sleeper cab that doesn’t get a lot of use. The lower weight and reduced idling can save on fuel costs. Other perks are the ability to haul heavier loads, and better rear visibility when maneuvering the truck.

Finding the right daycab is easy with the large fleet at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth. Take advantage of the team’s knowledge and find a truck with the best technological and engineering advancements, whether new or used.

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth carries an extensive inventory of new and used trucks, and daycab trucks for sale that feature the latest engineering and technological advancements.