How Kenworth TruckTech+ Keeps Kenworth Trucks in PA, NJ, and Beyond on the Road

June 3, 2017

Running fleets of Kenworth trucks in PA, and the surrounding states, always brings the possibility of a malfunction while on the road. For many fleet operators, this is the occurrence they fear most. Specifically because of the uncertainty involved: How bad is the malfunction? Should immediate attention be given, or can it be ignored?  What will this do to our deadlines and profitability?

Possibly the worst-case scenario is the infamous “check engine” light. That catch-all warning which conveys no useful information on its own.

However, with Kenworth TruckTech+ this simply isn’t an issue.  

Standard on all their Class 8 trucks, the TruckTech+ system is a revolutionary way for fleet operators to understand and minimize maintenance time for their Kenworth trucks while on the road.

How TruckTech+ Maximizes Uptime for Kenworth Trucks in NJ and NY

TruckTech+ is a communications system that links a truck, its driver, the fleet operator, and nearby Kenworth dealers to minimize the amount of trouble an on-the-road malfunction can cause.

  • It works like this: A driver is going along, and suddenly, his check engine light comes on. The driver may or may not notice it immediately. However, the onboard communication system does notice immediately, and sends all relevant diagnostic information straight to that driver’s fleet operator. From there, the operator can look over the diagnostics and other information provided, and decide as to whether the truck can stay on the road.

While this is happening, the onboard computer on the Kenworth will be providing extra information to the driver. Advising them of the problem and suggesting ways to modify their driving to accommodate. 

If the truck cannot stay on its present course, the fleet operator can then quickly resolve the situation.  

To streamline the process, you can conveniently send all metrics and diagnostic data directly to the nearest official Kenworth service station. Most often, one which can look at the vehicle immediately. Then, the operator can contact the driver directly, advising them of the situation and directing them straight to that Kenworth service station.

By doing so, all the uncertainty is removed. All parties involved know exactly what the maintenance situation is. By expediting repairs, significant time can be saved. It’s easier, it’s safer, and it helps maintain profitability even in the face of unexpected performance issues.

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