Day Cab Trucks for Sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By John Pospischil on November 13, 2015 Day Cab Trucks


The first truck in America was 1899’s Auto car delivery wagon. Maximum load was 700 pounds, with your choice of a five or eight horsepower motor. It was also America’s first day cab, though it lacked most of the comforts drivers have come to expect from today’s models.

From those early beginnings, day cabs have dramatically improved in comfort and features. Today’s day cabs, such as the Kenworth T880 available at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, help put the mileage on the truck, not the driver. If we could thumb through the sales ads of yesterday, what would we see?

1923: Day Cab Trucks for Sale

Kenworth’s 1923 models continued the nearly unbroken streak of driver discomfort. An open cab, bench seat and sparse dashboard meant the day cab was all business; it was a truck as rugged as the men who drove it. Drivers expected to be getting in and out of the door less cab all day long.

1961: Kenworth Day Cab Trucks

The single driver’s seat and riveted panel dashboard of a 1961 Kenworth Cab Beside Engine (CBE) hardly spelled driver comfort. The visibility was great, but if a driver spent any time looking inside the cab for soft touches, he was sadly disappointed. Sharp metal edges were everywhere, no seat belt was available, and the driver had only a handful of gauges offering limited information.

Today: Kenworth T880 Day Cab Trucks for Sale

Traditionally, sleeper cabs have had more luxurious cab interiors than day cabs. However, day cab operators still need to have critical information at their fingertips, and Kenworth’s T880 day cab does not disappoint.

From the leather-wrapped Smart Wheel® multifunction steering wheel (with controls right under the driver’s fingertips) to high-definition instrumentation, this day cab interior respects the driver’s intelligence.

Virtual gauges are highly visible no matter the time of day or lighting conditions. Kenworth’s innovative NavPlus® – a revolutionary driver interface – brings together vehicle navigation, entertainment, diagnostics, and cutting-edge communication into one intuitive full-color touchscreen.

Bucket (not bench) seats embrace the driver, reducing wear and tear on spine and legs. Plenty of padding, soft edges and cushioning make a day behind the wheel of a Kenworth T880 hardly feel like work.

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