What Could Be Potential Pros & Cons of Self-Driving Vehicles, & How It Will Affect Your Kenworth Truck Fleet

February 12, 2018

Will we be offering self-driving Kenworth trucks for sale someday?  An idea that was pure science fiction a decade ago suddenly doesn’t sound very implausible.  Many companies, such as Tesla, are getting serious about developing self-driving trucks.  There are even test-hauls happening right now in the US, although currently always under human supervision.

Self-driving vehicles are still several years or more away from being ready for everyday use, but at this point, it seems basically inevitable that eventually self-driving vehicles will start entering commercial fleets.  What would that mean for you and your business?

Self-Driving Kenworth Trucks for Sale?  A Look to The Future…

First, let’s acknowledge that it will still be quite a few years before self-driving trucks become commonplace.  The biggest issue – and the one which, to our knowledge, will be the hardest to overcome – is that current self-driving technology has a very hard time with inclement weather.  Heavy rains can disrupt self-driving systems, and they’re basically useless on snowy or icy roads.  In fact, it may be a very long time before companies in northern areas can fully embrace self-driving cars.

Some people even suggest that fully autonomous trucks may never come about.  For example, Uber envisions a future where “robo-trucks” will always have humans riding along.  The humans would be providing security, oversight, and take over driving when conditions are too challenging for the computer.

Still, when self-driving vehicles do hit the road, they’re going to bring some advantages for fleet operators:

  • Faster deliveries.  Self-driving trucks don’t need food or showers or sleep.
  • Less paperwork.  The onboard computers should be able to capture every bit of telemetry and data needed for all administrative functions and submit it automatically.
  • Fewer accidents.  While the technology is still rough, it seems likely that autonomous vehicles will eventually see much better safety records than humans.
  • Ride-sharing?  Uber is involved because they think it’ll be cheaper for shippers to rent robo-trucks by the hour or mile, rather than owning.  It’s an interesting idea.

Basically, autonomous trucks have the potential to be the biggest disruptors in the history of the trucking industry.  We’re going to be fascinated to see how it goes.

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