5 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency, Reduce Fleet Costs & Help the Environment

February 20, 2018
Fuel Efficiency

Trucking companies are getting serious about being eco-friendly, and it’s not only because they care about preserving our planet.  On-road costs eat drastically into a shipping company’s profits, and with margins on loads so tight, at times it can be difficult to stay in the black.  Anything which improves fuel efficiency or otherwise lowers fleet costs will be a good thing.

Of course, you can save on costs up-front by buying used Kenworth trucks rather than new vehicles, but that only goes so far.  There are plenty of other ways to reduce costs, while (hopefully) also helping protect the planet.

5 Ways to Improve Your On-Road Efficiency

1. Maintain proper tire pressure.

Many estimates suggest this is the single best way to reduce needless fuel waste, yet so many shipping companies overlook it.  Simply keep your tires inflated to the manufacturer’s specs.  Make it part of your daily maintenance routine, and it’ll pay off over time.

2. Minimize use of air conditioning. 

Sometimes A/C is a necessity, but your drivers should try to use it as little as possible.  At a minimum running with the A/C will decrease MPG by around 5% and could potentially decrease MPG by up to 20% if the driver runs it nonstop.

3. Remove unnecessary weight

Every 200 pounds of extra weight on your truck will reduce your fuel efficiency by about one mile.  Keep that in mind and encourage your drivers to minimize their baggage.

4. Buy fuel in the morning.

Gasoline expands with heat.  If your drivers fill up in the morning when it’s cold, they’ll be getting slightly denser fuel which will last longer while on the road.  Conversely, try to avoid buying fuel during peak heat hours.

5. Invest in Kenworth T680s

The T680 is the most fuel-efficient Class 8 truck on the road today.  From its computer-designed aerodynamic frame to its fuel-efficient PACCAR MX-13 engine, to its smart onboard monitoring…  every aspect of the T680 is designed to push your costs to the floor.  Estimates are a T680 can save you 10% in operating costs compared to other Class 8s!

Great Used Kenworth Trucks Are Available at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

We have plenty of used Kenworth trucks, including fuel-efficient T680s, alongside a range of other makes and models.  Whatever you’re looking for, you can add it to your fleet for less at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth!