Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth: Used Trailers Selection

June 21, 2016

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth stocks hundreds of used Kenworth trucks at our two huge lots, as well as a large selection of other used trailers from some of the biggest names like Mac, Utility, and more.

We offer top rates on all our trailers, allowing you to get exactly the trailer you need, but for less!

Selection, selection, selection

Among the trailer types we keep in stock are:

Tankers:  We have an extensive selection of new tanker trailers in stock, ready for hauling virtually any liquid, including those rated for hazardous materials.

MAC and Trailstar Dump Trailers:  Perfect for hauling a wide variety of granular loads, including gravel, sand, salt, asphalt, and agricultural products.  We have both new and used models available, ready to get right to work.  This design is so basic and efficient; you could save a lot by picking up an older model.

Transcraft Drop-Deck Trailers:  Lowered decks mean larger loads!  These two-tiered trailers are lightweight and ready for either short-run local jobs or full long-haul jobs for cargo with special needs.

Dry VanTrailers:  Suitable for a huge variety of cargo, with options such as refrigeration, we have many brands of dry vantrailers ready for any sort of hauling job.

Talbert Glass Haulers:   A specialized trailer for a specialized job, these angled trailers are designed for hauling large sheets of glass safely.

Lowboys:  We have a large variety of lowboys from different brands, new and used, ready to haul many different kinds of loads, while leaving as much height clearance as possible.

Cement mixers and other specialty equipment:  We see all sorts of trailer attachments move on and off our lot, including cement mixers, dump trucks, and more.

Whether you’re here for our used Kenworth trucks, or any of the other models we keep in stock, we also have all the trailers you could want as attachments.  When you buy from Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, you’re getting great deals and long-term guarantees.

In the event you’re looking for something in particular, just call and we’ll let you know if we have it, or if we can get it.