Avoid Any Risk When Buying Used Semi Trucks with These Hot Tips

October 23, 2017
used semi-trucks

Whether buying to expand your fleet or for your own personal use, looking into used semi-trucks for sale can be an excellent cost-saving option.  A well-maintained used truck can still have many years and hundreds of thousands of miles left on it, while costing significantly less than a new model.

Of course, not all used semi-trucks for sale are as good as others.  Like all used vehicle purchases, you need to inspect the truck carefully for warning signs to reduce the risk you’re buying a lemon.  Our Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth team has put together a list of some of the most important things to check.

Six Things to Check When Investigating Used Semi-Trucks for Sale

1. The Vehicle’s Papers

Never, ever buy a used vehicle without doing a search through public records on its VIN to pull its traffic record and – if applicable – accident history.  Not only will this help you avoid buying a truck with an iffy past, it will also avoid any chance of inadvertently buying stolen goods!

2. Tire Condition

Tires will say a lot about how a truck was treated in general.  Are they worn-out or recently replaced?  Were they all replaced at the same time?  Are they all from the same brand?  If the tires have been treated well, there’s a very good chance the rest of the truck will be in good condition.

3. Rust

Be on the lookout for rust anywhere on the body, or even under the hood.  Not only does rust mean you’ll be in for some body work, but it’s a strong indicator that the previous owner wasn’t taking good care of it.

4. Door and Window Seals

Always check all the doors and windows to see how their seals are.  Poor seals will reduce the truck’s aerodynamic optimization, and lead to higher costs on the road – as well as interfering with your cabin temperature.

5. Lights

Be sure to start the truck up, and then visually verify that every light is working properly.  If they aren’t, it could indicate more serious electrical problems – or you could end up with a truck on the road which isn’t up to legal standards!

6. Mileage

Around 750,000 miles is when a well-made truck will probably need a major overhaul if it’s to keep running for heavy-duty work.  Now, sometimes you can get a great deal on a “fixer-upper,” but be aware if the mileage has climbed to high levels.

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