Five Fascinating Fast Facts About Semi Trucks

May 22, 2018

The history of semi-trucks goes back almost to the dawn of the automobile.  The moment someone had a working internal combustion engine, someone else was thinking about how to harness it to ship goods around.  In that time, there’s been plenty of change and innovation in trucking – something we’re proud to have been a part of, offering semi-trucks for sale here at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth.

So today, just for fun, let’s just have a quick list of factoids about trucks and the history of trucking.

Five Things You Might Not Have Known About Semi Trucks and Trucking

1 – The first “semi-truck” was invented in 1898.

In 1897, Alexander Winton founded the Winton Motor Carriage Company, one of the first dedicated automotive manufacturers in America.  Just a year later, he rolled out what’s commonly considered the first heavy-duty truck specifically for the shipment of goods.   In fact, it was a car-hauler, so that his customers could receive their cars in mint condition!

Winton was a pioneer in early American automotive who is rarely discussed.  He was also an avid race-car builder, and even raced Henry Ford in 1901.  But Ford won.

2 – The “semi” in semi-truck refers to the trailer.

A lot of people don’t actually know where the “semi” comes from.  That’s actually the trailer, and it’s called a “semi” because it lacks front wheels and is therefore totally dependent on the truck hauling it.

3 – Grinding lots of gears.

The maximum number of gears that a truck transmission can have is actually eighteen!  However, the most common setup is twelve – ten forward gears, and two for reversing.

4 – The “fifth wheel” isn’t unnecessary at all!

In common usage, calling someone a “fifth wheel” suggests that they’re useless or extraneous in a gathering.  However, fifth wheel is actually a trucking term – it’s part of the coupling which holds the trailer in place.  So, a fifth wheel is a highly vital component!

And speaking of trucking terms that became slang…

5 – All hail the kingpin.

A “kingpin” isn’t just a mob boss – it’s actually large pin that goes through the fifth wheel and anchors the coupling in place.  (Someone should tell that to Daredevil.)

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