Finding The Perfect Dump Truck Among The Various Dump Trucks for Sale

By clk-admin on July 21, 2017 Dump Trucks

Whether you’re looking for new or used dump trucks for sale in Pennsylvania, there’s no shortage of options.  Dump trucks are among the most versatile vehicles any operation could add to its fleet, so there is a thriving market in these vehicles to suit any need.

However, not all dump trucks for sale are created equal, and to get the most from your investment you need to be certain the truck you’re buying matches your intended use of it.  In our decades of experience selling dump trucks to operations both large and small, these are the most important factors to consider before buying.

Four Factors In Picking The Perfect Dump Truck For Sale In Pennsylvania 

1 – Type

There are several different types of dump trucks.  Among the most popular are:

  • Standard dump trucks have a typical truck chassis with the dump bed directly attached, and are emptied via a hydraulic lift at the bulkhead.  These are your typical all-purpose dumpers and have good performance except on softer ground.
  • Transfer dump trucks have separate trailers for hauling materials, and are specifically designed for easily transportation materials from place to place.  In some states, the trailers may be daisy-chained for additional loads.
  • Side-dump trucks use hydraulic rams that allow dumping to either side, allowing for quick emptying of large amounts of materials.  However, maneuverability is more limited compared to other types.

2 – Horsepower

It’s easy to assume “the more HP, the better” but that’s not always the case.  Generally speaking, higher-horsepower engines will be less fuel-efficient as well as being heavier.  Therefore, the smart buy is the dump truck with enough power for your needs, but without adding so much additional power that it cuts into your profits.

Also, in many cases torque is more important than horsepower, because torque is what gets the load moving in the first place.  HP is generally most relevant for maintaining power when going up hills.

3 – Manual vs. Automatic Transmission

Manuals give drivers more controlin driving, as well as making it easier to downshift for extra power when going up hills.  However, manuals can often use extra fuel as well as being significantly more wearying for a driver.  Broadly speaking, automatics are better for longer hauls, and manuals are better for shorter hauls on uneven terrain.

4 – Weight

Simply put, the less the truck weighs while still accomplishing your goals, the better.  This means understanding the weight and type of the materials to be hauled, then selecting the dump truck to do the job but, again, without unneeded power or weight that cuts into profits.

Need help selecting between dump trucks for sale?  Call Coopersburg & Liberty to find the right solution!


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