What Is It Like To Drive A T680 Kenworth Truck?

August 24, 2017

Driving a dump truck is a lot different from driving any other truck. Dump truck drivers are in demand at construction sites, transporting heavy material from one place to another. Being at the wheel of a T680 Kenworth is difficult at first, but with practice, it becomes easy to navigate the vehicle smoothly.

Since dump trucks are challenging to drive, it isn’t a job recommended for a new driver. Dump trucks are often not talked about when thinking of a driving career. But since these heavy trucks are widely required, dump truck drivers can find work in construction companies, mines, municipalities, and truck rentals.

Dump truck driving is different from driving an average truck because it involves carrying a load and dumping it safely. There are trucks driving training that teaches you how to operate a T680 Kenworth, but it is with years of experience that dump truck driving is mastered.

Challenges of Driving a Kenworth Truck

The biggest challenge lies in the size and weight of a dump truck. When it is loaded, it becomes even heavier. Only a driver with exceptional driving skills is qualified to run a heavy truck to minimize risks and danger.

Since dump trucks are always at a risk of tipping over because of their weight, the driver needs to have a thorough knowledge of how to operate the dump and tip the load.

Kenworth trucks are often operated on uneven roads, making it even more dangerous. The driver needs to find a stable, even ground before he can dump the load, and the challenging nature of the work calls for extra precision, skills, and alertness.

When driving through traffic, the driver needs to be careful about his surroundings, and avoid dashing into other vehicles.

The Advantage of A T680 Kenworth Truck

The advanced mechanisms of a T680 Kenworth make it a treat to drive. It helps in saving fuel, aids in easy maintenance, and gives both the owner and the driver utmost satisfaction.

The efficiency and ease of driving a T680 make it a highly recommended heavy truck. It is lightweight enough and has spacious interiors for the driver’s comfort, but is designed to give heavy duty and maximum performance. In addition, its automated transmission helps in a smooth ride without much hassle to the drive.

The T680 Kenworth is designed to make life easier for the driver. Come by to test drive a T680 for yourself!