Purchasing a Dump Truck

September 24, 2015

Purchasing a dump truck doesn’t have to hurt your head! Know the factors to consider before making your purchase. We can help!

Dump truck operators from across the country are now reviewing the marketplace and considering their future fleet additions. It’s a complex process and requires operators to consider many elements as part of the purchase decision. The experts here at Coopersburg& Liberty Kenworth have years of experience in offering dump trucks for sale across the region and in this post we’ll look at several factors buyers must consider before completing their next dump truck purchase.

Long-Term Value

In the short-term, the cost of the new dump trucks such as Kenworth T880 might be higher than their used counterparts. But it’s important to consider the long-term value of the purchase. Newer vehicles may offer greater fuel efficiency than older models. They are also designed for reduced maintenance demands, thereby helping companies save on repair and upkeep costs over time. Operators must analyze the future costs carefully when considering the immediate expenditure involved in purchasing a dump truck.

The Vehicle’s Application Suitability

The suitability of the dump truck for the company’s operations is also a critical factor. For example, does the vehicle come with a single ram, double ram, or scissor-lift lifting mechanism? When evaluating used and new dump trucks, companies must plan for how they’re going to integrate the truck within their operations and then consider the impact the vehicle will have in terms of meeting their productivity targets.

The Style of Engine

Many buyers of used and new Kenworth dump trucks for sale make the mistake of purchasing a vehicle that either has too little or too much horsepower for their operational needs. For some companies, a smaller engine with a lower horsepower and limited weight can offer greater payload capacity. However, operators working within mountainous terrain might require a larger and more powerful engine due to the additional demands on the vehicle.

By understanding the various market options and working with leaders such as Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, dump truck operators can reduce their costs and meet their highest of performance targets in the coming years.