The Latest Safety Tips for On the Road Security

December 22, 2017
Road Security

Our trusted experts have spent many years guiding users looking for the latest dump trucks for sale on the ideal safe performance of vehicles. We understand the real life risks and challenges associated with operating dump trucks safely and in this latest post we’ll highlight some of top dump truck safety tips and road security.

1. Unload on Level Grounding

Make sure that drivers understand the importance of finding level grounding for unloading. Maintaining safety while operating a dump truck requires keeping in mind that raising the bed can compromise the vehicle’s stability, creating a hazardous risk of tipping.

2. Ensure even load distribution

A secondary consideration is the load distribution. The load must be centered within the truck and that elements such as tire pressure and axle locations are being considered before making an upcoming trip.

3. Communicate on site

Make sure that team members know how to communicate on the job site. The process involves one person signaling and another making safe maneuvers piloting the dump truck to ensure ideal security for the entire team.

4. Commit to truck maintenance

When looking for dump trucks for sale, consider your maintenance obligations. Ensure that your team is aware of the maintenance requirements for the vehicle. Make sure these maintenance requirements are fulfilled before taking the vehicle out on the road. The process can help prevent the breakdown of the vehicle and secure components ready for long-haul travel.

5. Clear the path

One obstacles for on-site safety incidents is when drivers and coordinators don’t make sure all obstacles are removed. Take the time to clear the path for the driver on the site. And make sure there are clear rules for all team members to follow when planning for construction work to take place.

6. Keep tractors and trailers aligned

Small movements can cause significant incidents on the road. Make sure drivers keep tractors and trailers, as well as wheels and axles are aligned so that safety can be maintained on long-haul journeys.

Our experts are here to guide you in keeping your vehicles and your team members safe on the road. To discover more on the safety features of the leading Kenworth dump trucks for sale, give us a call today!