The Evolution of Daycab Comforts

November 5, 2015

Today’s fleet operators are searching for specific daycab trucks when analyzing vehicles that are on the market. They require vehicles that provide drivers with the optimal level of comfort. Maintaining high performance and efficiency on the road are also crucial factors. But only by working with trusted vehicle experts can operators learn more about the best performing, most comfortable day cab trucks. Here, the team at Coopersburg &Liberty Kenworth provides an overview of the evolution of daycab comforts within the trucking industry.

Daycab Comforts: Driver-First Mentality

In recent years, leading truck manufacturers, such as Kenworth, have begun designing vehicles with a driver-first mentality. This enables engineers to consider the needs of the driver ahead of all other elements in crafting the trucks. This change of mentality has helped usher in several new innovations. The positioning of the pedals and the seating was one element that changed in this driver-first era. Drivers now have more room to position their bodies within the truck.

Larger Windshields Offer Superior Visibility

One often under-considered element of driving comfort is the ability of the driver to see all elements on the road with complete clarity. The latest vehicles have been fitted with larger windshields than previous models. This provides drivers with a full view of the road in front of them. The new T880 daycab from Kenworth features a low sloped hood giving drivers maximum visibility while on the road.

Air Cushion Plus Seating for Superior Driving Comfort

Without the optimal seating arrangement and design, all of the other comfort-based innovations within the Kenworth vehicles would have little value. Kenworth is a market leader for comfortable seating within the daycab vehicle, and is known for innovations such as Kenworth’s Air Cushion Premium Plus model seating. These seats are orthopedically sculpted to provide the driver with optimal lumbar and lateral support while driving. The seats are engineered to help protect drivers against back injuries caused by countless hours behind the wheel.

Air-Assisted Hydraulic Clutch Offers Leg Comfort

The air-assisted hydraulic clutch has been designed to make it easier for drivers to engage the clutch. It’s a system that requires less pressure to be applied to the clutch when driving, so that smaller drivers (and those with leg issues) can minimize the impact on their leg area.

Modern day innovations and improvements to daycab comforts are helping truck drivers enjoy their driving experience. To discover more on the latest day cab trucks for sale available through Kenworth, contact the team at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth directly at 1-888-453-7952 or visit their business website at