How T680 Kenworth Trucks Are Changing the Trucking World

December 6, 2016

For a lot of people, trucking is a pretty traditional business. Some of the most iconic truck designs is the W900. It has been on the road for decades with minimal exterior changes, simply because everyone loves its classic look and power. But then there are the T680 Kenworth trucks.

They’re making people seriously reconsider what modernization can do to trucking. The T680 has become Kenworth’s most popular model in only a few years. That’s precisely because of how it combines modern technology with classic Kenworth quality to create one of the most cost-efficient vehicles on the road.

T680 Kenworth Trucks: New is Good!

What makes the T680 so special? Just for starters:

Extreme Aerodynamics

The T680 was designed, inch by inch, by computers looking to shave every possible bit of air resistance. Each new model finds new ways to streamline the T680 a bit more. Besides looking fantastic, it produces far less drag than any other Class-8 truck. That translates directly into fuel savings on every trip.

Lightweight Design

Still on the subject of cost-savings, there are plenty of smart modifications on the inside too. Parts are designed from heavy-duty but lightweight alloys to shave hundreds of pounds off its weight. But without reducing strength or performance. That doesn’t just further boost fuel-efficiency, it also means larger loads and larger paydays!

Superior Computer Assistance

Even solo drivers can have a co-pilot who’s nearly as good as having a second driver. The onboard computer consistently monitors dozens of factors about the truck’s performance, from tire pressure to gas mileage, and is consistently updating the driver about the truck’s status. Everything is displayed on screens within easy view of the driver, meaning that they enhance the drive, rather than distract from it.

Smart GPS Systems

Modern T680 Kenworth trucks have computer-controlled GPS that isn’t only monitoring the truck’s location – it’s looking at the road ahead. This allows for predictive cruise control that doesn’t just blindly react to the vehicle’s speed, it’s adjusting on the fly, based on the road to come.  

A New Revolution in Trucking

The T680 is taking the industry by storm, and it’s easy to see why. If you haven’t had the chance to see one for yourself, the team at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth today to schedule a test drive!