Kenworth T680 Pricing

February 24, 2016

The Kenworth T680 is definitely a well-known truck. However, the question for many is—is it as good as the hype? Now that the 2016 Kenworth T680s have hit the market, people want to know if it is worth a look, and the investment. With good reviews from both commercial trucking industry professionals and drivers, and with the extremely competitive Kenworth T680 pricing available at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the answer is yes, the Kenworth T680 is worth checking out.

Praise for Kenworth T680 Trucks  

The jury’s in, and people love the 2016 T680 Kenworth. The versatility and unique fuel efficient design make it a valid option for many drivers. Whether you’re traveling across town or cross country, the T680 gets the job done.

Kenworth aficionados first wondered about the all-new T680 when it was originally unveiled to replace the T700 in 2012. What they got was a completely fresh and innovative new design. Kenworth put a lot of thought and effort into creating a truck that would stand out among its competitors. The results have earned a lot of praise over the years on everything from cab materials to the upholstery. Kenworth continuously upgrades and adds features that make it even better than when it first hit the market.

Kenworth T680 Overview

The Kenworth T680 inventory at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth offers everything from a lower cost, more basic model, to a fully-equipped truck loaded with all kinds of extra features. The T680 offers day cabs, 40-inch sleepers, 52-inch sleepers and 76-inch sleepers with a number of different roof height options.

The T680 is known for its aerodynamic design as well as its intuitive features that provide drivers with numerous tools at their fingertips. The interiors are meant to provide a comfortable ride as well as a work, entertainment or overnight space. Beyond its airflow efficiency, the T680 makes sure to let the driver feel safe and in control.

The T680 Kenworth Interior

Kenworth’s T680 has a flawlessly designed interior – whether you choose the day cab, 40-inch sleeper, 52-inch sleeper or 76-inch sleeper. You’ll find configurable options to personalize your space, ample storage, stable surfaces, in-cab entertainment, food storage and cooking capability.

One of the most appealing aspects of the T680 is its ability to cut outside noise. Your ride will be about the sounds you want to hear, not the ones you don’t. Choose from different interior colors and fabric options, and enjoy Kenworth’s world-class seating that allows drivers to adjust in a multitude of ways, control their climate and remain comfortable over long distances.

Kenworth T680 Technology

Even the lower cost Kenworth T680s incorporate cutting edge technology. The truck has real-time information that gives drivers the opportunity to optimize their time on the road. On trucks equipped with NavPlus, drivers have access to telematics, navigation, a business system, productivity tools and hands-free phoning.

Find Competitive Kenworth T680 Pricing at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth in New Jersey and Pennsylvania has a wide selection of T680s to choose from, including lower costs options for people who are more budget conscious.  Finding the right T680 Kenworth model for your business is as easy as a visit to your nearest Coopersburg & Liberty location. Discuss top-rated features, the variety of PACCAR engines, available options and which T680 will make your daily journey better than ever.