7 Reasons to Invest In A T680 Kenworth

By clk-admin on October 20, 2017 T680 Kenworth

If you’ve been paying attention to trucks on the road in the last few years, you’ve probably noticed that you’ve been seeing the T680 Kenworth more and more.  It’s no surprise!  This truck has been winning ‘best-in-class’ awards left and right, while delivering major benefits to the fleets which adopt it.

Those who are looking for a great all-around Class 8 truck that can legitimately lower their on-road costs would be advised to think hard about investing in a Kenworth T680.

Seven Reasons A T680 Kenworth Is a Great Buy

  1. Extreme aerodynamics

Every inch of the T680 is computer-designed and wind tunnel-tested to reduce as much drag as their engineers can manage.  That doesn’t just make for a smoother drive, it reduces gas usage.

  1. Lightweight materials

The T680 is among the lightest Class 8 trucks on the road, particularly if it doesn’t have a large sleeper cab attached.  This further reduces gas consumption, as well as freeing up more weight for cargo.

  1. Smart computer systems

The Kenworth T680 has one of the most advanced onboard computer systems on the market, watching over nearly every aspect of the truck’s performance.  If anything goes wrong, it immediately alerts the driver and\or their home office.

  1. Predictive cruise control 

Forget old-style static cruise systems!  The T680’s computer combines cruise control with GPS information to deliver a truly smart cruise function that auto-adjusts to changes in the road and minimizes extra fuel use.

  1. Multiple cab options

There are five different caps available for the T680, ranging from a daycab to a huge 72″ sleeper that would be perfect for owner-operators.  Its mid-size options are particularly well-optimized, providing a comfortable environment without increasing weight\size too much.  It’s easy to fine-tune the cab based on usage.

6.”Gameified” driver feedback

Drivers in a T680 Kenworth are actively encouraged to drive well and make smart decisions regarding fuel consumption, thanks to a built-in system that offers “achievements” for driving performance.  It makes eco-driving fun.

  1. The bottom line:  The T680 saves you money.

The common thread here is that a T680 Kenworth is designed in all possible ways to reduce on-road costs.  Multiple tests have shown it can reduce costs by 10% or more compared to other Class 8s.

To see the Kenworth T680 in action, all you have to do is visit your nearby Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth location!