We Offer a Full Range of Kenworth Vehicles for Sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By John Pospischil on February 4, 2017 Kenworth Trucks for Sale

Kenworth vehicles for sale

No matter what Kenworth vehicles for sale you’re looking for, we probably have it at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth.   Our two extensive lots – in New Jersey and Pennsylvania – feature more than forty acres of Kenworth vehicles, both new and used!  Few dealerships anywhere can boast the same selection as Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, and we offer great deals as well.

We have a full range of options in Kenworth vehicles for sale, including:

Kenworth W900: Is there any truck more iconic than the W900?  Since its introduction over fifty years ago, this “King of The Road” has been one of the most-desired trucks to own and operate.  For many, having a W900 is their ultimate career goal, and we have both new and used W900s available today.

Kenworth T680: From a classic, to the latest and greatest.  The T680 is one of Kenworth’s newest models, a truly revolutionary truck both inside and out which is designed to increase driver comfort and lower on-the-road costs in every way possible.  A T680 is possibly the smartest buy you could make in Class 8 trucks.

Kenworth T880: Jack of all trades, and master of all?  The argument could be made for the T880.  This all-around excellent vehicle can serve in nearly any on-road role imaginable, and always perform with aplomb.  It has power to spare, plus all the in-cab innovations that make Kenworth’s such a pleasure to drive.

Kenworth C500: Designed specifically for highly-demanding and off-road applications, the C500 is an absolute monster which can go anywhere it’s physically possible for a truck to fit.  The C500 is a must-have for pickups and deliveries far off the beaten path, while always remaining safe.

Class 6 & 7 Trucks: Looking for something smaller, more fuel-efficient, or designed for in-state runs?  We carry models such as the T270, the K370, and the T440.  These medium-to-heavy models are cost-effective and still made with all the care Kenworth puts into their Class 8’s.

Specialty Vehicles: From dump trucks to snow plows to tankers, and more, our selection of specialty vehicles can fill in gaps in your fleet – particularly our used options.  

Choose Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth for the Best Kenworth Vehicles for Sale

Whether you’re looking for something new or used, we truly carry The World’s Best here at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth.  Our used stock changes often, so feel free to contact us to ask about specific models or reservations!

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