What It Really Costs to Buy a Used Commercial Truck

By clk-admin on August 23, 2018 Cost Savings & Analysis

Buy a Used Commercial Truck with Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Commercial vehicles definitely aren’t cheap, so it’s no surprise that used commercial trucks are often the preferred option for many businesses. But even when buying a used commercial truck, there are considerable costs that come after purchase. Understanding these costs prior to buying your rig […]

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There Are Plenty of Semi-Trucks for Sale – But What If Your Credit Is Iffy?

By clk-admin on June 27, 2018 Cost Savings & Analysis

For many truck drivers, the dream is to walk onto a lot full of semi-trucks for sale and drive off with their very own personal rig.  No more working for other people!  Being an independent owner-operator means a life of freedom – choosing your own jobs and driving wherever you like. Unfortunately, given how much […]

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How Your Trucking Company Can Cut Costs

By clk-admin on February 6, 2018 Cost Savings & Analysis

Large or small, running a shipping company is a challenging venture right now. Costs are high — and often uncertain — and there’s a lot that can potentially go wrong on any given load. Yet ground shipments are what power the American economy. And the country needs a vast network of shipping companies that can […]

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How To Perform A Cost Per Mile Analysis When Considering Kenworth Trucks For Sale

By John Pospischil on November 9, 2015 Cost Savings & Analysis

Within the trucking marketplace, knowing and anticipating operational costs can help owners improve their chances of success in coming years. Many still encounter challenges when analyzing the various models of trucks for sale from leaders such as Kenworth. Few owners are effective in performing a Kenworth cost per mile analysis.

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Cost-Saving Advantages of the T680

By John Pospischil on September 24, 2015 Kenworth T680

This article highlights the many cost-saving advantages of the Kenworth T680. The T680 features the innovative PACCAR MX-13 engine. The MX-13 offers powerful yet lightweight components to reduce fuel consumption, in addition to superior class, and reliable engineering that limits the frequency of service intervals. It’s the trusted vehicle for the cost-conscious fleet operator.

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