March 2018

Learn How Much Dirt You Can Carry with Kenworth Dump Trucks

By clk-admin on March 28, 2018 Dump Trucks

If you’re looking to invest in Kenworth dump trucks, then one major factor consider is the dump truck capacity, as well as how that will affect your operations.  This is not simply a matter of picking the dump truck with the largest capacity; capacity will also affect a range of other factors.  For example, high-capacity […]

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Tips that Will Help You Sell Your Dump Truck and Get the Best Out of It

By clk-admin on March 23, 2018 Dump Trucks

Do you have an older dump truck you’re looking to sell?  There’s a booming market for used dump trucks, particularly when they’re in good shape.  They can hold their value surprisingly well.  The hard part is selling the truck in a way that helps you meet reliable buyers and allows you to demonstrate that your […]

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Kenworth Trucks for Sale – 5 Reasons to Invest in Remote Diagnostics Systems

By clk-admin on March 18, 2018 TruckTech+

Downtime is death to shipping companies and their drivers.  Every hour your truck isn’t on the road making money is pure lost profit – and with margins often so tight, that can make the difference between thriving and failing.  Modern Remote Diagnostic Systems can help you prevent this by predicting failures before they happen and […]

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