January 2017

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Announces T680 Kenworth Trucks to Get Even More Fuel-Efficient in 2017, With Cummins X15 Efficiency Engines

By John Pospischil on January 10, 2017 Kenworth T680

January 5, 2017[?] – Coopersburg, PA – T680 Kenworth trucks are already well-known as the best option on the roads for fuel-efficient driving. In 2017, the best will get better, thanks to new Cummins X15 Efficiency engines. Computers design the bodies for maximum aerodynamics and superior computer monitoring. The T680 Kenworth trucks are embraced, typically by a […]

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Kenworth Nav+HD Ensures Drivers Get Where They Need to Be

By John Pospischil on January 8, 2017 Navigation Systems

Introducing the Kenworth Nav+HD System We’ve been one of the top New Jersey Kenworth truck dealers for decades, and we’re consistently impressed at how Kenworth is pushing the limits of truck technologies.  They are continually refining their in-cab accessories to make life easier for truck drivers, while also cutting costs for the back office. One […]

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Pennsylvania Kenworth Trucks – Customize Your Kenworth T680 for a Great Driving Experience

By John Pospischil on January 7, 2017 Kenworth T680

As one of the top retailers of Kenworth trucks in Pennsylvania, we can say that the Kenworth T680 is easily one of the most popular trucks we stock.  The aerodynamic styling of the T680 makes it a great choice for operations looking to optimize their on-the-road costs. There’s no better truck for keeping operational costs […]

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Kenworth Smart Technologies Make the T880 Easy to Manage

By John Pospischil on January 6, 2017 Kenworth T880

Kenworth has long been an innovator when it comes to truck technologies. New Kenworth trucks continue to improve. Recent improvements include a suite of software tools designed to make driving, management, and diagnosis easier than ever before.

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Coming Soon to Kenworth Trucks: The Cummins X15 Engine Series!

By John Pospischil on January 5, 2017 Kenworth Trucks

Truckers are undoubtedly familiar with the reliable and well-loved Cummins ISX series of engines. Well, all good things must eventually end, and the ISX series is soon being replaced. However, that’s only because Cummins has introduced an even better engine: The Cummins X15 family. Beginning in 2017, these state-of-the-art engines will be available at Coopersburg […]

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