February 2018

4 Effective Driver Recruitment and Retention Strategies for Fleet Management Service

By clk-admin on February 23, 2018 Fleet Management

The good news regarding the truck driver shortage is that things are getting better, and trends are reversing from where they were a few years ago.  Unfortunately, we’re not out of the woods yet.  There’s still a significant shortfall in many areas, and even at current rising employment rates, it’ll be a few more years […]

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5 Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency, Reduce Fleet Costs & Help the Environment

By clk-admin on February 20, 2018 Fleet Management

Trucking companies are getting serious about being eco-friendly, and it’s not only because they care about preserving our planet.  On-road costs eat drastically into a shipping company’s profits, and with margins on loads so tight, at times it can be difficult to stay in the black.  Anything which improves fuel efficiency or otherwise lowers fleet costs will […]

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How the All-Electric Tesla Semi, Uber and Amazon Involvement in Transportation Industry Will Shake-Up Fleet Management

By clk-admin on February 17, 2018 Fleet Management

There’s probably never been a time since the invention of the internal-combustion engine with so much change hitting the transportation industry.  New technologies seem like they’re coming every day. Companies that previously weren’t involved in shipping (or didn’t even exist a decade ago) are suddenly at the forefront of a new wave of shipping. We […]

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What Could Be Potential Pros & Cons of Self-Driving Vehicles, & How It Will Affect Your Kenworth Truck Fleet

By clk-admin on February 12, 2018 Fleet Management

Will we be offering self-driving Kenworth trucks for sale someday?  An idea that was pure science fiction a decade ago suddenly doesn’t sound very implausible.  Many companies, such as Tesla, are getting serious about developing self-driving trucks.  There are even test-hauls happening right now in the US, although currently always under human supervision. Self-driving vehicles […]

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Customization Ideas for Your Big Rig with Coopersburg & Kenworth Liberty

By clk-admin on February 12, 2018 Kenworth Trucks

One of the great things about shopping for Kenworth trucks for sale is that they offer so many customization options.  Independent owner-operators love Kenworth for how much flexibility and freedom they have to make their big rig into their big rig, full of the look and features they want while they’re cruising down the road. In particular, […]

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