November 2015

Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth’s Tri-Axle Dump Trucks for Sale Have You Covered in Winter Months

By Matt Brandt on November 17, 2015 Cold Weather Solutions,Dump Trucks,Kenworth T880

When purchasing a truck, buyers in the market should be looking for trucks that can withstand the coldest of weather.  A dependable truck is important, but the ability for a truck to handle smoothly and safely during the winter months is of utmost importance.  The team at Coopersburg and Liberty Kenworth are dedicated to helping you find the best tri-axle dump trucks […]

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Ninety Years of Revolution: Kenworth Day Cab Trucks For Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 16, 2015 Day Cab Trucks,Kenworth T880

For over ninety years, Kenworth day cab industrial and commercial trucks have provided the best in reliability, while delivering elegant styling and new innovations that reduce driver fatigue and improve driver comfort. By reducing driver fatigue and promoting driver comfort, Kenworth is leading the way by making safety an essential part of their day cabs. When looking for […]

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Tri Axle Dump Trucks for Sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By Matt Brandt on November 15, 2015 Dump Trucks,Tri-Axle Dump Trucks,Used Kenworth Trucks

Coopersburg, PA – November 2015 – Every year companies in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey areas lose business when the cold shuts down trucks within their fleets. With winter looming, Coopersburg &Liberty Kenworth provides quality new and used tri-axle dump trucks for sale that can handle even the most extreme winter weather. Regardless of what type of truck […]

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth – Providing Quality Kenworth Dump Trucks for Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 14, 2015 Dump Trucks

Swedesboro, NJ – November 2015 –With winter just around the corner, the experts at Coopersburg& Liberty Kenworth understand the need for trucks that will be reliable through the cold winter months. With years of experience in offering Kenworth dump trucks for sale across the Northeast region, they know a few things about reliability. So here are a few tips on how […]

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Day Cab Trucks for Sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By Matt Brandt on November 13, 2015 Day Cab Trucks

The first truck in America was 1899’s Auto car delivery wagon. Maximum load was 700 pounds, with your choice of a five or eight horsepower motor. It was also America’s first day cab, though it lacked most of the comforts drivers have come to expect from today’s models. From those early beginnings, day cabs have dramatically improved in […]

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Kenworth Offer You the Best Selection of Kenworth Trucks For Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 12, 2015 Cost Analysis,Cost Savings

Kenworth trucks for sale at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth are among some of the finest options for your industrial truck needs. From the immensely popular T880, to a variety of other models suitable for many uses, you will know that you are getting one of the best trucks in the industry. Regardless of whether you plan to buy […]

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Kenworth Dump Trucks For Sale – The UltraShift Option at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth

By Matt Brandt on November 11, 2015 Dump Trucks,Fuel Efficiency,Transmissions

Why UltraShift Trounces All Other Transmission Technologies Traditional manual transmissions are now becoming a thing of the past as more drivers shift to an easier to operate automated manual transmission (AMT) or full automatics. One technology that has become particularly popular at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is the UltraShift transmission. So, why would someone choose […]

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Offers A Broad Range of Tri-Axle Dump Trucks for Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 11, 2015 Dump Trucks,Kenworth T880,Tri-Axle Dump Trucks

Coopersburg &Liberty Kenworth has recently begun showcasing their full inventory of tri-axle dump trucks for sale. The company’s vehicle selection includes the Kenworth T880, which is designed to offer leading-class levels of hauling performance for even the most challenging demands.

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Highlights the Wintertime Performance Features of their Selection of Dump Trucks for Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 10, 2015 Cold Weather Solutions,Dump Trucks

Coopersburg, PA-based Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth is now showcasing the wintertime performance features of their array of dump trucks for sale.  Inventory includes trucks such as the 2016 W900, which includes Kenworth’s traction-grip diamond plate steps, which are designed to provide extra [safer?] grip for the driver and resist corrosion from the snow and salt […]

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How To Perform A Cost Per Mile Analysis When Considering Kenworth Trucks For Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 9, 2015 Cost Analysis,Cost Savings,Sleeper Trucks

Within the trucking marketplace, knowing and anticipating operational costs can help owners improve their chances of success in coming years. Many still encounter challenges when analyzing the various models of trucks for sale from leaders such as Kenworth, and few owners are effective in measuring the cost per mile of a truck they may purchase. […]

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Consider the UltraShift Transmission When Purchasing Kenworth Dump Trucks for Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 8, 2015 Dump Trucks,Transmissions

Transmission technology continues to evolve to support a more flexible range of applications for dump truck operators. Operators searching for Kenworth dump trucks for sale are now considering vehicles equipped with the Ultra shift transmission for their long-term operational demands. It’s important to understand the benefits that this transmission style brings. Within this post, we’ll […]

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Three Innovations in the Latest Day Cab Trucks for Sale

By Matt Brandt on November 7, 2015 Day Cab Trucks

Trucking operators require that their day cabs offer drivers the highest levels of comfort on the road. A comfortable driver is more productive and better able to focus on safety and their job performance. It’s for this reason that operators across the country are now reviewing the latest day cab trucks for sale to analyze the […]

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The Elements to Consider When Searching for Tri-Axle Dump Trucks for Sale for Wintertime Use

By Matt Brandt on November 6, 2015 Cold Weather Solutions,Dump Trucks,Tri-Axle Dump Trucks

Dump truck drivers face a number of challenges within their day-to-day jobs. This means they must have access to a high quality vehicle that can help them overcome these challenges. One of the most common issues they face is maneuvering their vehicle effectively during the winter. Winter snow and ice can make driving a large […]

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Specialists Offering Day Cab Trucks for Sale: Coopersburg &Liberty Kenworth Highlight The Evolution of Day Cab Comforts

By Matt Brandt on November 5, 2015 Day Cab Trucks

Today’s fleet operators are searching for specific day cab trucks when analyzing the for sale vehicles that are on the market. They require a vehicle that will provide their drivers with the optimal level of comfort while maintaining high performance and efficiency on the road. But only by working with trusted vehicle experts can operators […]

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