September 2017

3 Tips on Finding Reliable Used Kenworth Trucks for Sale

By clk-admin on September 13, 2017 Kenworth Trucks

There are always people looking for reliable used Kenworth trucks, and for good reason. Kenworths have a reputation for having excellent build quality and long lifespans, meaning even a used Kenworth will probably still have many more years of use before it needs a major overhaul. If, that is, it’s been well-treated by its previous […]

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T680 Kenworth Trucks Are Some of the Most Productive Trucks in the World

By clk-admin on September 13, 2017 Kenworth T680

While we have plenty of truck lines here at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth which are popular, if we had to pick the most popular model, it would probably be the T680 Kenworth.  (The T880 would be a close runner-up.) We seem to be always getting inquiries about the T680, and you can be certain that if we […]

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Why Kenworth Tri-Axle Dump Trucks & Other Models Are So Popular

By clk-admin on September 13, 2017 Dump Trucks

For decades, Kenworth has been recognized as one of the top brands in trucks on the road in America.  Whether we’re talking about Kenworth tri-axle dump trucks for sale, or highly-aerodynamic Kenworth T680s, or even iconic W900s on sale, Kenworth is one of the most beloved brands of working vehicle. It’s no mystery why, either. […]

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When to Know Your Truck Tires Should Be Changed

By clk-admin on September 13, 2017 Accessories

When looking at used semi-trucks, a buyer should be aware that they may need some minor repairs and upkeep before they’re really ready to take on the road. One of the most basic examples of this are the truck tires. Even if the truck looks “like new” the tire wear and tread depth can break […]

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Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth Announces Two Great Locations to Find Tractor Trailer Trucks for Sale

By clk-admin on September 10, 2017 Tractor Trailer

September 10, 2017 – Coopersburg, PA Kenworth trucks are widely recognized as being The World’s Best in trucking. For those in the northeast, finding good suppliers of Kenworth trucks and accessories can be difficult. The urban sprawl makes it hard to include a large selection. However, with Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth’s two excellent locations, it’s […]

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