Revving Up Your Career As A Dump Truck Driver

By twilliams on February 15, 2024 Dump Trucks

Becoming a dump truck driver might not be the flashiest career, but it can open the door to a lucrative future in heavy-vehicle operations. Whether you’re planning for a career in the vocational market or setting your sights on long haul trucking, driving dump trucks is a door opener that can lead to a long […]

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Mastering Winter with Reliable Kenworth Dump Trucks: A Comprehensive Guide

By twilliams on January 4, 2024 Cold Weather Solutions

As winter approaches, the seasoned professionals at Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth recognize the importance of dependable trucks. We have years of expertise in providing reliable Kenworth dump trucks throughout the Northeast and beyond. In this blog, we’ve compiled some essential tips for assessing the dependability of your next Kenworth dump truck. Test Drive for Performance […]

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The EPA’s Looming Emissions Standards

By twilliams on December 14, 2023 Features

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is enhancing clean air standards in regards to multi-pollutant emissions from medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. In December 2022, the Clean Trucks Plan announced its aim to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG), smog- and soot-forming emissions. Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) are referred to as these types of emissions. The timeline of this plan […]

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Celebrate the Winter Season With a Kenworth Truck

By twilliams on November 30, 2023 Cold Weather Solutions

As temperatures continue to drop and road conditions become challenging in the Northeast and nationwide, now is the perfect time to explore purchasing a dependable truck. Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth prioritizes safety during the winter months. Our extensive selection of new and used trucks accommodates a wide range of job requirements and driving conditions. Warm […]

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Prepare for Winter With Our Kenworth Dump Trucks

By twilliams on November 16, 2023 Cold Weather Solutions

Don’t let this winter’s extreme weather keep you from working. At Coopersburg & Liberty Kenworth, you’ll find new and used Kenworth dump trucks. These trucks are known for their reliability and versatility, making them ideal for handling the toughest winter conditions. Choosing the Right Kenworth Dump Truck for You To find a dump truck fit for you, conduct thorough […]

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