Coolant for Truck Fleets – 10 Tips

By clk-admin on July 23, 2021 Parts & Service

Choosing the right coolant for truck fleets is not as simple as finding the cheapest price. FE (Fleet Equipment Mag) surveyed coolant experts around the industry about the most important things fleets should know when it comes to their coolant. Below is a brief guide to your trucks’ coolant, in the form of 10 coolant tips. […]

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The Importance of Routine Oil Analysis

By clk-admin on June 8, 2021 Parts & Service

Truck fleet oil analysis is not a “one-size-fits-all” formula. Cutting corners in the short term often proves consequential in the long run. This article explains the risk of excluding truck fleet oil analysis from your PM program. Among our trucking customers, we are seeing more and more mixed fleets of older and newer trucks from […]

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Which Grease To Use for Commercial Trucks

By clk-admin on May 4, 2021 Parts & Service

The article below was contributed c/o Chevron Lubricants. It’s important to know which grease to use for important trucks. Proper grease application in heavy-duty vehicle components is an essential part of fleet maintenance. Trucks carry heavy loads at high speeds in a wide variety of environmental conditions. It’s important to use greases that can withstand […]

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Aftertreatment Maintenance

By clk-admin on April 9, 2021 Parts & Service

Over the past few decades, the Environmental Protection Agency has implemented emissions regulations for heavy-duty diesel engines. The EPA’s regulations apply to both on-highway and vocational trucks. These standards are positive and have lowered emissions. However, the engine aftertreatment systems (EATS) now mandatory in all new vehicles bring their own set of unique challenges. When […]

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Certified Technicians for Complex Truck Repairs

By clk-admin on October 1, 2019 Parts & Service

Truck Repairs – Keep ‘em, or Ship ‘em Out? It’s no secret to fleet owners and fleet maintenance managers that there are two types of truck repairs: quick… and not-so-quick. While fluid top-offs and brake repairs are routine jobs for most technicians, other jobs require more hours and specialized training, especially across multiple manufacturers. When […]

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